Sree Nivas-Socail Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Sreenivas Buildtech has long been associated with social causes that resonate with the company’s philosophy and values of helping the needy. Although the company has been associated with a lot of activities, here are a select few

Vivekanda Boys Home

An initiative was launched by Sreenivas Buildtech to undertake the whitewashing, painting and enamel work of the home, both interiors as well as exteriors at a cost of Rs 75000 (Seventy five thousands). Here are some brief facts on the home

Address: Victoria Nagar, Boomiyanpet, Puducherry.
Home was started 1968 with just 4 inmates.
State board approval 30 inmates.
Currently housing 23 inmates
Home was managed by Puducherry women’s club
Mrs.Anuradha – Chairman
Mrs.Sylochana – Secretary
Yearly fund flow – Rs: 3, 89,000
(Including government and private donation)

Vivekananda Boys school interiors
Social Responsibility1-School

Sri Sengazhuneer Amman Temple, Veerampattinam

Veerampattinam is situated on the sea shore south of Puducherry, about 5 km from the city centre; from where Sengazhuneer Amman blesses her devotees.
It is believed that the Merciful Sengazhuneer Amman responds to every prayer of the devotees, especially those with impaired vision. People also pray for early wedding and childless couples seek the blessings of the Amman for their fortunes to change. They bathe in the sea, offer abishekam and archanas to Mother for desired results. Devotees offer vastras to Mother and contribute for temple renovation.
Sreenivas Buildtech undertook the task of building the temple Mandapam (Hall) which has a capacity to house up to 8000 people. Here are some salient features of the project that was undertaken

Specifications of the Mandapam (Hall) Dimensions
Area of the Mandapam 800 sq.m
Height of the Mandapam 5 m at High tide and 3.8 at low tide.
Foundation Isolated Footing
Superstructure RCC building with no partitions, Concrete M-25
Windows Cast iron grill with anti-corrosion paint
Entrance gate Cast iron
Labour Cost Incurred Rs 16,00,000 (Sixteen Lakh Rupees)


Temple–Front ViewSocial Responsibility1-temple Hall–Side viewSocial Responsibility2-temple Temple–Interior Mantapam ViewSocial Responsibility3-temple
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