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Quality Construction and timely hand over

"Sreenivasbuildtech is already well reputed builder in the modern Puducherry and developing residential and commercial buildings through  good quality construction and completion of the projects in time, I went through the changed website and it is really vibrant one, well programmed, colours  pleasant  to the eyes, 3 D Video picture quality and clear sound are wonderful, well balanced and detailed user friendly website making the company equal to MNC builders level."

Keep up doing good job Sreenivasbuildtech and Modern Puducherry is yours


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Mr. Suri Mr.S Suriyanarayanan




Views of a Land Owner who ventured with us

The land on which the apartment complex is built has a high sentimental value for the LeBonheur family. Our father bought this fertile ground many decades ago and practiced agriculture and farming which were his passions. It was essential and a moral obligation for us to turn this land into something significant and long-lasting to mark his legacy. We entered into a joint project with Sree Nivas Buildtech (SNBT) upon past acquaintance with Mr. Venugopal (Managing Director) and family recommendations.


SNBT erected an apartment complex that far exceeded our expectations! It is a great satisfaction for us to see these impressive, modern, and esthetic buildings erected on our land, and which retain our father’s memory. Critical to this project was SNBT’s MD Mr. Venugopal. We had a wonderful partnership with him. He is a man of high integrity & professionalism, and very passionate about his business.Housing development/construction was a new field for the LeBonheur family; Mr. Venugopal was very humble and patient with us throughout the process and often put landowners’ interests above his own.


We were also very impressed by SNBT staff’s professionalism and team work. The staff was highly skilled & knowledgeable, very efficient in what they do, and customer oriented... a great team to work with. We will remember many moments of laughter we had together...


We wish Mr. Venugopal and SNBT success to reach their vision... We certainly look forward for opportunities to continue doing business with Mr. Venugopal.

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